Big O , the what now ?

Big O , the what now ?

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What is Big O ?

The Big O or the Big O Notation is used to state or describe an upper bound or a ceiling for a particular function whose domain (sometimes called argument) reaches a particular value or infinity.

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What If I ask you what is the most important resource on this planet? Is it coal ? Is it petroleum ? Is it electricity or is it oxygen ? While you might have a different prospective on this leading to a different answer, but I (and many computer scientists) would say that the most important resource at the present moment is ‘TIME’. Time never stops for anyone and is running out for every human being. Everything on this blue sphere takes time. The bigger the time, the more something costs us. Computer scientists are working so that they could reduce execution time on computations and help banking, insurance, computer companies, and almost every important and essential organisation (I use 's' instead of 'z') to save their time and focus on developments.


Story Time.

Steve Jobs once talked about his big, creative and revolutionary plans for tech in the early age of apple. But he couldn’t complete his vision during the not-so-iPhone period because technology in this period was not at par for his vision to be created. What happened ? Steve jobs wanted to create something that required a huge amount of processing, took less time and was small. The reason why this wasn’t possible was because microchip and processor companies back then failed to create processors and chips that were small and took less time for computing.

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Back to Philosophy.

In order to save time on computing, we need fast processors and in order to have a fast processor we need to have optimized algorithms. Big O be like : - Did someone say Optimized ALGO? This is where we need the BIG O . To save time for faster computing and more developments.

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Why ‘O’ ?

The letter O is used because the growth rate of a function is also referred to as the Order of the function.

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Why would YOU use the Big O ?

Big O is really important for the CS geeks. The Big O notation is used to simplify or classify algorithms (functions) according to how their run time (time for execution) or space requirements grow as the input size(domain) grows.

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Websites for the Big O :-

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The BIG O is important Period. Have a nice day !!